Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Most people try to have (a) New Year’s resolution(s), so here are a few ideas. I am not telling you what to do, just giving suggestions. Some are serious and some are with a little humor; I will let you be the judge of that. 

Try avoiding gluten. I know, it sounds disgusting, but it is not that bad. You do not have to be fully gluten free, but look for other alternatives. I did it for a month before the marathon this year and I could tell I was not as hungry, did not have as many stomach issues, and I felt better. Other people have found it has helped them greatly with whatever health issue they faced.

Give more and see if you can do it anonymously. I know, you are already giving more to your health insurance agent, but try to give more overall. And try to save more! How do you do both? Spend less. Try the dollar menu, order water at restaurants, have an emergency fund so you don’t spend interest money on unexpected bills, stop buying the latest gadget cause the new updates may not be all you wanted anyway (ie. iphone 5), eat all your leftovers rather than tossing them, and don’t buy that gym membership unless you really will use it all year!

Don’t run a marathon; it hurts. But do try to exercise, even if it is just walking. Exercise helps you feel better, have more energy and sleep better.

Read. Read your Bible first of all, but think about studying a little theology; has lots of free classes to listen to on all different subjects.

Serve in your local church; don’t just complain about the church; get involved. 

Be a missionary to someone in your neighborhood. Have them over to your house for dinner to get to know them. Don’t worry about preaching to them. Just ask them questions about their life. Eventually you might see that there is a great opportunity to talk about how Jesus has made a difference in your life.

Spend more time with your family. When you are home try paying 1 minute more attention to your kids or spouse than to your devices. 

Find one seemingly impossible prayer request to pray about for the year. Pray boldly for God to answer that request.

Floss more often than once a month and the full week before your cleaning.

Cross two things off your bucket list.

If you don’t have a bucket list, make one.

Forgive the one to whom you are bitter towards.

Try to break a world record. Guinness has allowed all kinds of weird things in their book. Maybe you can eat two pizzas upside down while hanging from a light pole. 

Check your spelling and grammar on social media. 

Pray for us as we head back to Brazil to plant churches. We are excited and hope you are too! Maybe even come with us! 

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