Wednesday, March 5, 2014


In soccer practice we used to have a drill where we would have to pass it 10+ times before we were allowed to score. Sometimes the process is slow before the goal is accomplished. Roger Smith (the veteran missionary we are working with) has planted a couple churches in middle to upper class neighborhoods in the city of Recife. With these type of people it takes much more contact than just a chance encounter in the street. 

The plan in Arcoverde is to both have a resource/training center and eventually a church in the middle to upper class neighborhood in which it is located. A national Pastor recently said that the walls are high and people are rarely seen there. 

Several times as I have thought and prayed about it I have been unsure of where to start. The obvious answer is prayer. While we could just stay in the apartment and wait for God to send us members, we are getting out to places where we can meet people. Fortunately we have had a good bit of shopping to do. We are regular walkers at the park as well. I have found some time and places to play soccer and even basketball. 

People here seem to be really nice and I have wondered what would happen if we just started having services to see who would come. But I know that is not wise. A good goal would probably be a year from now before we had services. It seems like a long time, but setting a good foundation is important. Just like in practice when we had to learn to pass before we could score, we must be patient in our work so that when we do start services it will have results. Pray that we would have patience during this process!

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Unknown said...

In the meantime we who are home, supporting the Carrels need to pray specifically for God to bring together His church in Alcoverde. God knows who will be a part of His church - Dave and Sarah need to find them and bring them together!