Saturday, March 1, 2014

Resource Center (CeTAK) inauguration

Saturday night we had the inauguration of CeTAK, (The Center for training and support of Koinonia). Around 50 members of Koinonia Baptist Church from Recife came to Arcoverde on a big bus for this special service. Around 15 Pastors from area churches came to the service as well. There was excitement about the vision for this area in terms of missions and the gospel bring spread around. 

We had a praise service as well as an explanation to the Pastors about what the center is all about. Pastor Roger Smith told them the center would serve to support the Pastors with a Pastor’s group to meet and encourage one another, resources for their churches such as theatre, puppets, Sunday school material and books, and then a place for Bible study. It was neat to see the realization of a lot of groundwork done by Roger and Marcy Smith, Carlos (a Brazilian missionary) and the church. Praise flowed bountifully as we felt united with a common goal to reach this region.

There are many ministries here in Arcoverde that are doing a good job of reaching the community. Roger emphasized that we wanted to increase the work done here. Afterwards I was able to meet several of the Pastors and talk to them about their ministries. We are looking forward to the opportunities this center will bring! 

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