Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bits February

This month has been pretty fun. One month ago I was picking up the girls from the airport and was so excited to see them and get ready to start our time here living in Northeast Brazil. I took a day trip with my brother-in-law Robert and Carlos (our Brazilian evangelist/missionary/negotiator friend) to Arcoverde to scout out the area. We found out there were no houses available to rent, but were satisfied with the apartment our colleagues had rented. We checked out some of the stores to see what was available and then headed back to Recife.

A couple days later Sarah went shopping with Marcy (ABWE missionary) for some of the furniture that we would need. We went millions of dollars into debt and now we don't have money for break or milk. ok, just kidding. She did a good job shopping, except our bed, table and chairs and a few other things won't be here until later this month. She got good deals and good quality items. After that we headed to Arcoverde on a Friday morning. After arriving and scouting things out at the apartment we found out that we did not have water or electricity. So we stayed at a hotel for the weekend and just went to the apartment during the day to paint and organize. Due to our address from the renting place being completely wrong, we did not receive our mattresses, fridge or stove until that Monday. 

But on Monday the 10th, we moved into our apartment. Much to our surprise, it is so cool on the hillside in the shade with a nice breeze that we do not need air conditioners! We got running water later that week and we were set to go. Until the running water ran out six days later. We have been officially introduced to life with water rationing and it is an adventure. As of right now we do have running water (in fact, it even runs out of the sides of the faucets) and everyone says that this month or next will bring rains that will halt the water problems. I figure that we need to go through these times to better understand the people here anyway. 

Over the weekend of the 14th we went back to Recife and I was able to preach in the church with whom we are partnering (Koinonia Baptist Church). I talked about how they could be a part of what is going on with planting churches. We have met some new friends from the church and we looked forward to their visit here with us. 

Our main ministry right now is meeting people. We go to the park almost every afternoon and usually meet people there. As often as we are out we are explaining why we have an accent. I am playing soccer with one group on Tuesdays and Thursdays and basketball with another group. I have met some people that way and I hope it brings even more contacts in the days to come. We inaugurated CeTAK on the 22nd with a group of fifty from Koinonia and about 15 area pastors there who were excited about having a resource center and a united effort to reach the Outback for Christ! It was neat to see the missionary vision for this area shared by so many pastors and I know there are more out there. Arcoverde is a strategic city as it is the gateway to the outback. We pray this center will train many for ministry both there and abroad.

We appreciate your prayers so much. Several of you have written asking for prayer requests and here are a few for this month. Pray that we meet people! Pray we can start some Bible studies; either individually or with groups. Pray that our furniture arrives so that we can have people over, and for other selfish reasons, like being somewhat organized inside our apartment. Pray that people will hear more about the resource center and come visit us. Pray for the sale of our car in the US to be finalized (we had it sold, but it is experiencing some mechanical difficulties). And pray for RAIN!!!

Thanks, God bless, We love you all!
All for HIS glory,
David, an extremely hard working Sarah, an imaginative, energetic fashion show expert, whose favorite story right now is Adam and Eve (video of her telling the story herself coming soon), and then an early rising, walking, almost 11 month old who can be both fussy and very happy. (In case you have forgotten their names since I rarely post them it is Evelyn and Anna Claire).

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