Thursday, November 3, 2016


I finished a book yesterday that I had started the day before. Rarely does that ever happen. Fortunately someone drove to the park two hours away on a day off and I sat in the back and ignored everyone (not completely to give myself a little credit). Developing oneself is one's greatest asset. No one needs to remain ignorant in life. In the internet age, knowledge is at our fingertips; no one can say they do not have access to more knowledge. Even in remote places one can always talk to someone older to learn.

But often we are lazy about it. We scroll down and numb ourselves with superficial information like how many pieces of pizza your childhood neighbor ate last night and seeing a puppy follow a goat around.

When I read my mind goes crazy; I dream bigger, am more inspired and grow mentally. Life skills are in all kinds of books, articles, videos and audios and are there to make the world a better place. Take advantage of the minds that have gone ahead of you.

The book that I read is from a marketing company that sells information. My thoughts are "why buy information that I have for free?" But then I realize that I do not take advantage of the free information I do have. This company compensates you for getting smarter, which is a pretty interesting idea.

So instead of scrolling down as your mind numbs up, try a TED talk, documentary or book. When this becomes a habit you have nothing to lose!

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