Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Letter to the President Elect

Dear President Elect Donald Trump,
Congrats on your win! You overcame a lot of adversity and were courageous to take on the Washington machine. You do not seem to bend to government norms which could be good for all of us. We live in an ever-increasing dangerous world that will require much wisdom to navigate. One aspect that I appreciate you is your understanding of surrounding yourself with experience that you need to be successful. I hope that you realize how much that helped you win the election and that you will not discard that upon being President.

I also pray for your humility. You barely won a race against a lifetime criminal in a country with growing suspicion of politicians. Most who voted for you were really voting against her. Few people trust your words and you are going to have to earn that trust back. Earn it through humility and respect. Words are powerful and can both build and burn bridges. There are many burnt bridges around you. Look to mend them as you try to mend that country. Your speech of unity is a very good start, but is also a common theme in post election speeches; don’t let it fade. 
The Bible makes it clear that God is in control and can change that control at will. You have surrounded yourself with God fearers like Ben Carson and Mike Pence. Learn with them how to fear the Lord and walk in His way. God has given us keys to life, governing and getting along with people; use them! Be an example in word and action. I know that you have a long past, but God forgives and changes people; seek Him. For some reason you awakened the evangelical vote in your favor, now may their God be awakened in you. 

Lastly, get some sleep! There is a lot of work to be done! God bless America!


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