Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bits November

Our monthly service this month shocked me. The night before, our boss Cal, who had visited for a few days, asked me how many people I thought we would have suggesting maybe 50. I laughed and said, no, that would be nice, but probably more like 25-30. The next day people just kept showing up. It was neat to see Cal get it right and neater to see everyone come in. A few days later we concluded our Thursday night study through the Story of Hope with all three ladies choosing to believe! They want to continue the study going through the Way to Joy.

The following week the football played in the semi-finals versus an experienced and undefeated team. We went up on them at the beginning and gave them a good scare, but in the end our inexperience, injuries and exhaustion caught up to us and we lost. It was Tyler’s last game with us and he was a pleasure to have with us for almost 5 months. We had a going away party for him after our Sunday night Bible study. The house packed out and they talked about how his testimony had affected them. It was neat to see the fruit of his labor. 

A couple days later we all drove to the airport. Tyler headed to Minnesota and we started our trip to China. What a trip! We flew to Rio, then Amsterdam and then Hong Kong where we got in a car for three more hours. After battling the travel we battled the Jet Lag. Fortunately, living in Brazil, we have never had to deal with it. As I type on the plane headed back I ask for your prayers as we will be battling it again for a few days!

On our first Sunday I was able to preach in the Brazilian service at the church. The Brazilians in China were very receptive and interested in our lives. The backgrounds of each of the Brazilians there are very different religiously and so it was interesting speaking and then later teaching the Good Soil seminar. That Saturday we started at 9 in the morning and ended a little before 5 in the afternoon with a good Brazilian churrasco (barbecue) for lunch! The day was fun and filled with learning. The Good Soil seminar seeks to equip the learner with a good theology of evangelism as well as being able to teach a chronological Bible study (Story of Hope) as well as a discipleship book (Way to Joy). 

Towards the end of the day the students were writing out their testimonies, which are normally divided in before salvation, how God changed you, and your life since being saved. Ivoni had written out her life before salvation, but then was stuck at that point as she knew she had not really been saved. The ladies Bible study leader Gabi called me over and we were able to help Ivoni know exactly how to be saved. After telling this to the group a few minutes later, many went over and gave her a big hug. 

On Monday Sarah taught the women's Bible study. Evidently there was laughing, crying and lots of food. I know that Sarah did a good job relating with the women who all live overseas. 

Soon I will put a more lengthy post about China on our blog. Daniel and Anna work in an international school there and do a great job. Lives are certainly impacted in the school as they mainly reach internationals that live in China. It is good to know we have family making a huge difference in people’s lives! 

This month we will be partying! Some of you know that I am a bit of a tight wad. In Portuguese they say I have a cow’s hand (tightfisted). The last time Sarah convinced me to throw another birthday party she used the excuse that parties are ministry. They get people connected with us, church members and wherever our church meets. She convinced me. In China the other internationals said about the Brazilians that they will do whatever as long as there is a party involved. So we are going to party through December as we celebrate Christmas, year’s end and Sarah and I’s 10th anniversary! Pray our partying is impactful! Also pray as I am planning on teaching the Good Soil seminar possibly two or three times. Speaking of partying; a couple weeks ago a big gift came in for the construction! End of the year is a great time to give, so let us know if you would like to help out; or don’t let us know, just send it in! :)

Thanks for your love. Thanks for your sustaining prayers. Thanks for your support. Thanks to God for His many blessings on us and you all. We love you all and have a wonderful December!

All for HIS glory,

David, Sarah, our firstborn, who wants to be involved in organizing and carrying out everything, daughter Evie who seemed intrigued with speaking some Chinese, and our imaginative Anna Claire who flip flops on whether she wants to be bossed around by her sister. 

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