Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 missed calls

A few hours ago, I left Sarah laying down as I went to play soccer at the park with the guys from the Vila. It is actually a decent temp here so I took my shirt off and wrapped my phone and keys in it and started playing. After a while I decided to head out and I checked the time. Immediately I saw that I had 5 missed calls on my phone. The first one was from the apartment and the rest from a couple other people. I tried to call home, but was out of cell phone credit. I started running and drove home quickly, heart pounding and regrets all the way. I thought Sarah had gone into labor. She is less than 5 weeks out at this point, so I guess it could be anytime, or still a good month away. Nevertheless I was thinking, "Great, on Evelyn's birthday every year, people are going to say, remember when Evelyn was born, her mom went into labor, and her dad was off somewhere playing soccer. She was almost born at home...neglectful dad."
Well, I got home and Sarah was safe and sound. She didn't think anything of it as I said over and over that I was glad she was not in labor. I wonder if this is what the next 5 weeks are going to be like. I need to get credit on the cell phone.

3 comments: said...

i'm glad Sarah did not go into labor while you weren't home. that is something i'm nervous about; Jeff may be going up to MI here in the next week or so, and i'm worried about going into labor and having Jakob when daddy's not able to be there.

i did smile at your thought though, about how Evelyn's dad was off somewhere playing soccer when her mom went into labor:)

excited for you guys. your baby girl will be here soon!

VIC said...

:)...poor Dave

At least if you do happen to be away when Sarah goes into'll have some time before your little comes out...? maybe?

Seda said...

Just remember, David, wherever you go, Sarah's safe with Almighty God. You cannot leave her alone. Ps. 139:7-12