Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some quotes on language

Here are some quotes that I have collected about language and basically talking. I wish that I could claim them, but I can't. The tongue is a very dangerous weapon and a lot of regrets in life have come from it's tip.

"No one has a finer command of language than the person who keeps his mouth shut." -Sam Rayburn

"You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him." -Leo Aikman

"Never explain. Your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe it anyway." -Elbert Hubbard

"Promise what you can deliver, then deliver more than you promise." -Not Sure

"Never ruin an apology with an excuse." -Kimberly Johnson

"The easiest way to keep a secret is without help." -Again Not Sure

"Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you." -Spanish proverb

"Do not repeat anything you will not sign your name to." Not Sure III

"Tis better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." -Mark Twain

"Just cuz you said it doesn't make it so." -Jeff Elliot

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