Saturday, August 1, 2009

Babies and Evolution

So this morning I was laying in bed with my wife with my hand on her stomach feeling Evelyn doing her morning exercises (23 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, and three rounds from a new pre-birth-Wii-type kickboxing game). I was thinking about the amazingness of birth and how cool it is that my wife has a living baby inside her belly. At various random points during this pregnancy I have been slightly jealous that my wife has a baby moving around in her belly. I mean I have experienced gas before that made my stomach do weird things, but have a solid 15 inch baby in my belly; that I have never been able to experience. Of course the other side effects to it have caused that jealousy to subside rather quickly.
How does evolution explain the capability of reproducing? I mean, I know that there are intelligent scientists out there who think that I am ignorant for believing in Creationism. And I don't really want to bash them; I just wonder how that is explained. Yeah, dirt collided and there was energy, etc... and then this all resulted in an ability for mankind and animals to reproduce. Just curious.


Jewda said...

I can't answer your question on that, but thanks for making me laugh.

Seda said...

Evolution explains it by the process of natural selection over time - incremental mutation, so to speak. Which is supported both by observation of natural phenomena and the fossil record. Organisms adapt to their environment, and then the adapt to changes in it. And the world is constantly changing.

Of course, there's the question of how exactly did life begin? That's a much tougher question than how did sexual reproduction develop. I don't believe evolution theory really has identified that one; nor does it necessarily need to. The fact that it happened is undeniable, as is the evidence of natural selection. The question of whether that impetus was spiritual is for a different realm. :-)

Uncle Tim said...

Uncle Tim

Dear Seda,

If you want to look at real science you must use math to determine your observation to explain wheter evolution or creation is true. Try this mathimatical formula to help you. If there is 7 billion people on earth today and you went back 200 years there would easily be 10 billion people on earth in the last 200 years. This would give you 2 trillion man years worth of data. If you divid 2 trillion by 4 billion years which is the age of the earth by evolutionist, this would equal 500 times you should have seen a man born from a monkey or a monkey born from a man! Seda what is your observation? If your observation is 500 times then evolution would be true and if your observation is zero then creation would be true. My observations are zero! The fossil record show no transition from one kind to another kind. If you want to look at science all of science needs something to create something. In science we can't create something from nothing. So, something must come from something outside of science. There must be a God to create something from nothing. So, Something in science starts with a God. You have to figure out who that God is in your life. In our faith you have to believe why God sent Jesus Christ to the cross for your free gift of salvation. Now that you know there is some God out there you must find out who the real God is in your life.

Seda said...

Hey, Uncle Tim,
Your equation is faulty on many levels, not least of which is that it is irrelevant to the questions of both evolution and creation. Evolution never said man evolved from monkeys - it says we evolved from common ancestors. And it backs it up with a LARGE and growing body of evidence, both in the fossil record and in observed phemonemon (natural selection). In the case of the horse, we actually do have a record of the chain of evolution. The idea that man didn't evolve the same way is a stretch, to say the least.

There is nothing scientific about creation, because you have to start from assumptions gained from ... where? The Bible?

Evolution, being science, makes no assumptions about a guiding intelligence, and because of that is completely compatible with both Christianity and atheism. It leaves you completely free to find your God where you will. I'm happy with my God. :-)

Uncle Tim said...

Sorry Seda the math on Darwin evolution is correct and Darwin evolutions doesn't meet the scientific test. It is just a theory that has lost credibility over time. Observation without math is just a observation theory. Just because you see a fossil doesn't mean it is an ancestor. What is the rate of change in the evolutional process is what you are looking for in this current day. There is no rate of change and the sample data far exceeds any chances that evolution as Darwin explained is true. This is called hypothesis testing and is used to determine whether a theory will work and give the same result. That equation is scientific the data is real and the observation are your own observations. Science will never create something from nothing! Science always starts with something! How does science explain that it can create something from nothing? When we can do that Seda we will make billions of dollars. I'm not waiting for that day and you will be waiting until eternity when you will meet the one who can. Let's test this theory. You and I will go to New York and talk to Wall Street. We will tell them that we are starting a company that is researching the ability to scientifically create something from nothing. Let's see how many investor we get and if you want you can send me a check and I will start today. I'm not waiting for the check. I also explain this mathimatical equation to the science professor for Darwin Evolution education for the State Of Michigan. He agreed the equation is correct and had no answer for the hypothesis testing that Darwin Evolution is not scientific. If you have the chain of evolution I would like to see it and who developed this evolutional chain. Does this evolutional chain also go into the human evolutional chain. Because, I would like to see the human evolutional chain of what race came first and which came last or was it female first and then male evolution. Because according to Darwin evolution the first is more intelligent than the last. I feel sorry for the next monkey, ape or horse that turns into a human. I would like to see that evolutional chain. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Jesus is the living water that you will never thirst. The Bible said that man was created in the image of God. I'm glad to be made in God's image and not the first or the last of the human evolution chain. By the way Seda I was just wondering where do you think you fall on the human evolution chain.
Have a good day Seda Uncle Tim