Friday, August 7, 2009

Government and Deacon boards

I was talking about the government the other day and decided to write something about it. I have tried not to get into politics on this blog, but I couldn't resist. It seems lately that the house and senate have been listening to the President and following whatever he says (a general statement, I know there are cases where they haven't). But that is what was going to happen with this bill and Obama expected it to happen. But don't we stop having a government and start with a dictatorship when this happens? If they are just a yes-board, doesn't that ruin the point of having them?
I think this happens in churches sometimes. Instead of a deacon or elder board, you have a yes-board. The Pastor does what he feels the Lord wants him to do, which is great, but I think that there are reasons for having groups make decisions. There is much more wisdom in groups. Elders are there to provide wisdom and feedback and prayer support and so much more. We should have confidence that we can trust every Pastor, but we probably should not let them know that and keep a leadership group together to make the big decisions. We need to show that group decisions are better than individual decisions. It seems to me that power gets into people's heads and makes them think thoughts they have never thought before. I mean, look at what happened to Spider-man.
So let's encourage our government and our churches to use the wisdom of the group when making important decisions about our life.


Daniel said...

David, I'm just amazed that you have any clue what is going on in US politics right now. I have no clue what is going on in US politics. Do you keep track on the internet? Do you have tv news? said...

i like this.

David Carrel said...

It is funny Daniel, the news here actually shows more international news than local it seems. But I actually keep track on the internet (and with a bunch of forwards, ha).
Thanks Sarah.

Seda said...

"But don't we stop having a government and start with a dictatorship when this happens? If they are just a yes-board, doesn't that ruin the point of having them?"

It's scary how much this happens. During the Bush administration, the GOP congress continually allowed him to violate national and international law with impunity, and set every agenda. The GOP were lapdogs, and the Democrats spineless. Now, it appears they've switched roles - yet still maintain the same subservience to presidential authority. But maybe that's just because the Democrats are still spineless, and Obama decided to reject change and just adopt all the criminal Bush policies.

And then, the fact that Obama has chosen to do absolutely nothing un-Bushlike perhaps speaks volumes about who really makes the policy in this country.

It's enough to make a person cynical.

Especially when I read conservatives blasting Obama for the same stuff they praised or ignored in Bush!

Aaron said...

This is an interesting comparison that I had not made before. However, my personal experience would has been that the boards in church have been anything but a "yes man" group but rather quite the opposite.

David Carrel said...

That is good Aaron. Well, unless they have been opposite as in meaning that they cannot get along at all. haha. But hopefully the boards respectfully share opinions and pray about the wisdom needed to make the decisions. (It would be neat if Congress did that too, but that might be stretching it).