Thursday, February 20, 2014

The effects of an early sunrise!

Our first impression of Recife came late at night in October of 2012 as we arrived on a midnight flight and went straight to the beach hotel. We quickly went to bed, but woke up to a very strong sun and clocks that read 4:45. We wondered what kind of time change there could have been as I had never heard of the sun rising so early. But as we saw the other participants of the next day’s conference, we heard that indeed the sun had risen that early. 

Since we have lived here our wonderful second born has decided that 6:00 AM would be considered sleeping in and only for rare occasions. As much as I resent her for that decision, I do enjoy our early morning walks almost as much as she does.

We have an apartment with a middle room that stays pretty dark, so we put the girls in that room. Although it does not work for the morning, the room is at least dark enough for nap time. 

Recife is really hot and since the sun starts shining early, the heat comes early in the day. On the other hand, Arcoverde seems quite cool to us. Although the sun is hot during the day, we live on a hill that receives quite a bit of breeze that flows through our house very well. We were going to buy air conditioners, but have decided so far that we do not need them. At night it cools down quite a bit to where we can sleep quite comfortably and so we are happy with that!