Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bits from Brasil January

On Monday our mission will start a three week emphases on prayer, but you all started a big emphases on prayer for us in the last month (actually most of you for a lot longer than that). Let’s go over all the answered prayer requests from this month. Before starting our furlough back in 2012 our goal was to be back in Brazil around January 7th. I left the states January 15. One week later than the schedule is nothing. Huge answer. We needed to raise 1600 dollars a month during furlough. The Friday before I left I talked with my administrator about whether we could cut out some expenses cause we still lacked 180 a month, which was a miracle in and of itself; but by Monday I told him to scratch that because you all had come through. Several of you raised what you were already giving and we have several new partners.

You prayed for me as I went to the impossible task of going to the Amazon without my life caretaker to separate between packing and selling all of our belongings. God allowed us to talk on skype some to get rid of any doubts despite having internet that usually boasted of a very poor connection. We did well on the yard sale and then pretty well on packing. Follow this link to read more about that trip.

God provided someone to ride with on the boat and a reliable taxi guy through Manaus. We found TamCargo to send 15 boxes with and we have already picked them up in Recife. 

We needed a car that will be reliable for a long time as we plan on being here for a while. Semi-new Zafiras with seven seats can be tough to find, but Roger Smith (the missionary we are working with) and I looked at 7 different ones and found the deluxe version for a good price for its value. We decided to go for a high quality reliable car that will last us for a while. After the taxes, fees and insurance it has put us at the edge of our budget; but before the last couple of weeks we did not even think we had enough for a car. Then the exchange rate has surged and you all’s giving has surged. Praise the Lord!

This morning Sarah arrived with all of our bags from the US. You all prayed diligently for her trip! She and Anna Claire had three seats to themselves and Anna Claire slept almost the whole way. Robert and Evelyn had three seats together and she slept the whole time as well. In fact, the only hiccup was that they could not wake Evelyn up after the Atlanta to Miami trip. They were the last ones off the plane and the stewardess had to help Sarah wake Evelyn up. They arrived in Recife early and were all smiles!

Praise God for the great things He has done this month. Yesterday Roger said that we must have a lot of people praying for this to go as smooth as it has. I told him about some of you. It makes me cry thinking about your love for God’s ministry. I have not even mentioned all the neat things happening in Arcoverde with the resource center and our grand opening on February 22nd, but I did just write a blog post about our plans for the year so you could be praying.

Thanks for your love and prayers and for taking care of us while we were in the states!
All for HIS glory,
David, a tired Sarah who didn’t sleep last night, an exploring four year old, and a big little one that is taking some steps and making funny noises.

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