Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Outback, now that we are here, what is our plan?

We presented the overall vision for the outback in our video that we showed in churches. Our main goal (besides glorifying God) is to have churches planted in the 17 towns of the outback region. 350,000 people, 1-4% evangelical. Few churches. We want to plant these churches by doing evangelism projects such as soccer tournaments, concerts, church activities and by meeting all sorts of people. We want to train leadership by giving classes, discipleship and then doing community together.

Our first step will be in a town called Arcoverde, which is right on the edge of the outback. There are around 70,000 people in Arcoverde and there are several churches. The reason we are going here first is that the church in Recife (Koinonia) is opening up a resource center for the churches. This past week they handed out invitations to Pastors from all over the outback. The resource center has books to help in their studies and Roger Smith and I, as well as others, will be available for training, counseling and discipleship. The grand opening for the center will be February 22nd. They have already done much work on it (hopefully that link will work, it shows photos of the center). At the opening they will announce that we are planning to do some sort of seminary/classes just like I did in Santo Antonio, although we are not sure about the schedule of it yet.

We also have a target neighborhood in Arcoverde to start a church. It is a middle to upper class neighborhood that does not have a single church in it (not even a catholic church). Our plan is to start with Bible study groups that hopefully in time will have several groups that can join together.

Pray with us that we can be a blessing to the area churches as well as meet the right people to start a new church!

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Ruedward said...

You guys really are heros. We were excited to read of your enthusiasm concerning the Bible Study group(s) growing into churches. Miss Pam and I are praying for you and the girls.