Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our first week living in the Outback

If you have not heard from us in the last week it is probably because we have not written anything. We arrived in the outback last Friday morning and immediately went to our apartment only to find that we had no electricity or water. Two little needs. They said that the electricity would be on soon and we would have running water as well. The water box was broken and it had to be repaired and the month of January had been rough on the apartment’s tenants. 

So we stayed at a hotel at night through the weekend and went to the apartment during the day to try to settle in some. On Friday Sarah and Carlos the evangelist/mediator/negotiator went shopping for furniture. Unfortunately Sarah’s debit card did not work, but she still was able to get some things. Then my card had trouble as well, but we eventually worked it all out. Sarah found a good refrigerator and good stove both at good prices. She also found a good mattress, full size (much cheaper and better for cuddling in case you wondered) and a water cooler. They were supposed to deliver everything the next day. Saturday came around and we only had the fridge and water cooler since Carlos rode with the delivery truck. On Monday we went to a couple of the stores wondering why our things had not arrived and found out that the address they had given us was completely wrong; name of street, street number and even apartment number!  

Monday night was our first night in our ac-less apartment. We were fine. The temperature is pretty cool at night and because we are on a hill, we get a nice breeze flowing through. We may not even need air conditioning; we will see. The promised running water did not arrive until Friday; on Monday they delivered a big barrel of water to the house that we could dip out of for everything. We were doing water conservation to the max. Since we don’t have our washing machine yet, we have a mountain of clothes that we bought to Recife to wash. 

We have found the people here very receptive as well as curious. It is easy to meet people. The girls attract a bit of attention and Sarah and I have both tried not to be too shy. One man told me he would be a member of our congregation when it starts. We already have contacts that we are hoping to get into Bible studies. One problem with having home groups though is that we only have one chair in our house right now and the couch, tables and chairs (and beds, end tables and rocking chair) are not supposed to arrive until March 24. Pray they arrive sooner! I am not sure about inviting people to have a study in our house and then making them sit on the floor?!?! 

Resource center inauguration is February 22nd. There is a group of 50 church members coming from Recife. We are in Recife now as we needed to go to the Federal Police for document work and then the missionaries are introducing us to the church in Recife and I am preaching Sunday night. 

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